Sexy things, and perfume that makes people buy you Slushies at 7-Eleven

Stockholm November 2017

Fan mail to Thien-Kim Lam, founder and owner of the Bawdy Bookworms.

Before everything I’m meant to say – I want to buy a treasure chest full of everything you talk about in the Smart Bitches Trashy Books-pod!!!!

Well, now then, back to behaving myself.

Hello Thien-Kim, I’m Lina Forss and my second book in the new Swedish series Stockholm Romance Love City* was just released. Nordic Romance came about since us Swedes, like the rest of the world are HUGE Romance readers, but there being a great surge for more emancipated books. Nordic Romance is writing out of a setting and context where AlphaBeta-men are on parental leave and schedule their office agendas based on”child-weeks” and swimming lessons. We pride ourselves of being amazingly equal (eh, that was before #metoo. Now we can hopefully take a long-awaited step forward even IRL).

Totally fundamental to Nordic Romance (where Simona Ahrnstedt is Queen) is how the heir to Pippi Longstocking, the glorious Lisbeth Salander of the Millennium series, took her perfectly unique and unapologetic kind of empowerment into the world.

Now then, what about me? My writing aims to be diverse, intersectional, liberal and sexy, in hero-worship and identification with the politics of writers Tracey Livesay, Courtney Milan and Beverly Jenkins. Having prided me of all that, I write contemporary heteronormative Romance and steamy erotica. And today, walking my dog in the snow while listening to you and Sarah exploring the sex toys of your Bawdy Bookworms – I have a new goal! Writing the best I can and having my sexy-times books translated so they deserve a place in your BookBoxes.

Thanx for a great show & all the best!


* Storstadskärlek

273. Sex Toys, Self Love, and Erotic Romance: A Very Bawdy Podcast with Thien-Kim Lam


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