Almost a Romance manifesto, at least a serenity prayer.

Sascha the Dog.

Hi, I’m Lina and I am a Fitzwilliam Waffles addict. And in my garden we have reindeers, foxes and my dogs. Just saying.

I confess to having listened to the SmartBitchesTrashyBooks-podd with The Ripped Bodice bookstore in LA non stop since yesterday. And dreamt about it at night and made my kids listen. And, I have tagged a number of dog lovers to Waffles pics.

I admit to having booked a ticket to LA in a few weeks where I plan to sit and edit my next Stockholm Romance.

I dont deny that I want to giggle and have hair and opinions like the store owner sisters Leah and Bea Koch.

I am a little ashamed at having started to follow my first ever dog Instagram, the 1-eyed Fitzwilliam Waffles personal account as a store dog, but my dog Saschisen told me to. (As well as putting a bit of effort into updating her account, instead of often making her the star of mine. Star quality stealing, she calls it.)

I solemnly swear that wanting to move into The Ripped Bodice Bookstore, being what the cleaninglady Marge was to Barry Humphries’ Dame Edna (for ever deleted from youtube history it characteristically seems) with Leah and Bea, and submitting Sascha to the horrors of a 12-hours flight worse than any New Years firework she could imagine, DESPITE Donald Trump, leaving my children to grow up (about time) making my Tinder HEA Clark Kent AlphaBeta Male set up shop in LA instead in the Capricorn Tech Hub of Stockholm, Sweden, adopting ALL the dogs at A Purposeful Rescue even if becoming an even crazier dog lady than before means Bea and Leah notice me has NOTHING to do with Jennifer Jason Leighs character in Single white female.

Please accept my prayer!

Romance community, give me grace to accept with serenity
that I have to do service as a parent and may not be able to go to the RT Booklovers Convention this year,
Courage to write the seediest, most diverse sexy times as a antidote to the evils of the world
which BTW should be changed,
with the Wisdom to distinguish
when liberal forces metaphorically punch the reactionaries in their faces

– back to their Dark Ages.

Living one day at a time as a hanger-on prospect wanna-be to the Romance Goddesses Hall of Fame:
– Enjoying the shrill laughters of Sarah Morgan, constantly reminding me why I love all things British??

– The Unique Selling Point and importance of Sexual Tension teached by Molly O’ Keefe.

– The Sense and Sensibility of Librarians and their lovely podcasts, especially the ones premiering on Valentines at Värmdö Bibliotek right in the heartfelt soul of the Stockholm Archipelago❤️

-The Truth of Pride and Prejudice from Beverly Jenkins??‍?

– The Steamy Hot of the Emancipated Man??‍? (he’s real, and lives in Sweden BTW) as evoked by The Smartest Bitch ever Sarah Wendell??.

– The firm stance on feminism and soft touch on love and the ground she threads by sharing her views and ways – Simona Ahrnstedt?

-The Mantra of Diversity as a mirror of the free world preached by Courtney Milan in an interview with The Romance Podd.

Eh, I have to get back to work.



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